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Watch this video from the Louisiana State Police Department Training Facility and the Police Department of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, how they shoot at a car-window with 9 MM, 115 grain bullet and 40 caliber, bonded-jacketed, hollow point, 165 grain bullet and a 45 caliber bonded-jacketed, 230 grain, hollow point bullet.

Every bullet-series goes in 5 times in the same plated glass window!!!!!!!!!

At 3/4 of the movie you will find the pouches that we can install custom made in your car to make the whole car bulletproof!


Also check out another video on the "Application" page. see above

For any Law Enforcement Agency out there, please check out our "About" Page for more details, regarding the application, fuel-consumption and handling of the squad-car!

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C Bond Glass protection is a product that can be applied to the interior of any window in order to make it withstand impacts of Smash and Grab, Hurricanes (155 MPH Plus), Blast and Ballistic impacts, Sound deadening, UVA and UVB Protection

C-Bond is based upon a proprietary formula containing various bonding modalities to create an organic/inorganic interpenetrating hybrid network that strengthens the glass matrix and promotes adhesion of the films to the glass.


Enhanced bonding between films and glass and utilizes special filling to strengthen the molecular structure of the glass and promotes adhesion.
C-Bond provides near flawless optical clarity when applied between the glass and film.
No yellowing, No undesirable “champagning” or bubbling effect!
No reflection or scattering of light as it is transmitted!
C-Bond provides “diamine” enhanced bonding between films and glass and utilizes special ionic filling to strengthen the molecular structure of the glass.


C-Bond passed Category ll Impact Tests
C-Bond will protect your home, autos, business and schools from vandalism.

Florida Building Code TAS 202-94, Standard Building Code and ASTM, E-303-02, E-331-93 and E-282-04
The structural design pressure for this test +70, -120 PSF*

“The sample was structurally intact and all parts were securely in place at the conclusion of each test”…

Hurricane Engineering & Testing, Inc.
Doral, Florida

C-Bond- you are protected 24-7
No ugly storm shields or shutters,bars and/or plywood anymore!
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